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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Wings of Arian

 Title: Wings of Arian
Series: The Solus Trilogy #1
Genre: Young Adult-Fantasy
Author: Devri Walls
Publisher: Stonehouse Ink
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Book: Blog Tour

Kiora thought she had never heard a lie until she was sixteen. But she was wrong. Her entire existence was based on nothing but. She thought that evil did not exist. Lie. That magic was not real. Lie. And that the land of Meros was all there was. One more lie. With Aleric telling her that evil is knocking on the door and that she is the only one who can stop them she has a choice to make. Refuse, or start the wildest most painful ride of her life. She reluctantly dips her toe into her new existence of magic and threads, dragons and shapeshifters, and the person who wants to take control of it all: the evil Dralazar. However, this journey was never meant to be hers alone. She will be accompanied by a Protector. To her disbelief, and utter irritation they name the hotheaded, stubborn, non -magical, (albeit gorgeous) Prince Emane. They will have to trust each other with their lives, but right now Kiora would settle for a non hostile conversation. And now it comes down to this, If you had never heard a lie, would you know when you heard one? Is knowing good from evil innate? Kiora finds herself having to decide who lives and who dies on those very questions.

It has been a while since a book made me curse out loud when reading it. Especially in front of other people on a bus. Seriously, if someone from a mental hospital was on that bus I would be carted off. Literally! Stunning is a word I could use for a book but this word doesn't even come close to where it stands for me. 

The characters were great. They didn't come off as too predictable and I was able to connect with them. The romance was obvious but it wasn't over the top as other books tend to make romance seem. I loved how the characters grew throughout the book and there some things that I wished happened but that is why there is a second book. 

The plot was breath-taking. I am seriously a big fan of fantasy and this book just gives all those reasons. I wish I could write like this but it takes a certain mentality for that and I just don't have the creativity for it and that is why I read it instead. 

Full of everything a eager reader loves. There is no reason why you should not go check out this book. Devri Walls is pure genius and her world is a master piece. 

I give it 5 bites!


  1. I remember this one when it first came out. I so need to get it and read it. You really have me wanting to read it more. :)

  2. I have heard of the this book but I think it's your review that has me really thinking that I MUST read it! It sounds pretty amazing!


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