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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door

Title: The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door
Series: N/A
Genre: Young Adult- Contemporary
Author: Karen Finneyfrock
 Publisher: Viking Children's
Release Date: February 21, 2013
Book: ARC sent by publisher

That’s the day the trouble started. The trouble that nearly ruined my life. The trouble that turned me Dark. The trouble that begs me for revenge. Celia Door enters her freshman year of high school with giant boots, dark eyeliner, and a thirst for revenge against Sandy Firestone, the girl who did something unspeakable to Celia last year. But then Celia meets Drake, the cool new kid from New York City who entrusts her with his deepest, darkest secret. When Celia’s quest for justice threatens her relationship with Drake, she’s forced to decide which is sweeter: revenge or friendship.

Simple and Sweet. This is what the book is. Nothing more and nothing less. A story that captures you with its simplicity and doesn't loosen its grip till the very end. 

Celia is a aspiring poet who has not only poetry on her mind but revenge. I felt the revenge that Celia wanted to enact on the popular girls. I would probably want to do the same. Celia is a character that I think teens can relate too. How hard it must be for you when your parents divorce and you are continuously bullied. Although most of her thoughts are on revenge you will find yourself falling in love with her character from the first page. 

Then comes in the new boy Drake. Well drake is different from most guys and I will let you read the story and find out for yourself. He is the guy that becomes a lovable character as well. Both him and Celia go on a journey to find out how to visualize your dreams and the two of them connect as a friendship that never breaks. 

You can say that there is a little romance in this story but once a secret is revealed things become quite sticky. Celia starts to fall for the guy who is smart, athletic, nice. The type of guy any girl would love to be with. 

Ms. Finneyfrock's debut novel is a great start for all readers and I will be on the look out for any upcoming books from her. 

I give it 4 bites!

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