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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: Somewhere My Lass

Title: Somewhere My Lass
Series: No
Genre: Adult
Author: Beth Trissel
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Release Date: May 23, 2010
Book: Sent by Author

I love time travel romance! I really do and this book was totally different from what I am used to reading.

"“You are a beauty.” His words were a hoarse whisper.

The rise and fall of her chest betrayed a deep inhalation of breath. A flicker of reproach lit her eyes. “I dinna think ye took heed of me at all.”

He winced at the well-deserved jab. “About before, I’m sorry I left you so suddenly. But there’s no earthly way I could fail to notice you. I’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind and even then…”

The tension in her face eased and then the hurt returned. “Oh, aye? How could ye forget all ye knew?"

He remained as he was, threading that wealth of hair through his fingers. Again, the rational part of him argued, “Is it possible you’re imagining you knew me before?”

She balked, a mutinous glint in her eyes. “Nae.”  He slid his hand to the finely crafted silver chain at her throat and coaxed the coverlets further down. A slight gasp escaped her lips. He muted any outward response to the thrill running through him. The scooped neckline of her nightgown revealed the tops of white breasts sprinkled with freckles. Above this heart-hammering sight hung the crucifix. “I gave this to you?” he managed to ask without betraying the swell of emotion surging inside him. “At our betrothal.” "

This book was different for me. Different because I am so used to the guys time traveling and this time it was the woman who time travel. Whowuddathunkit?  It was refreshing to read a book with a different twist. Mora Campbell was thrust forward in time to search for her long lost love. She meets Neil who she believes to be Niall. Neil thinks that maybe she hit her head to hard and does not believe anything she says. Neil's mind begins to remember things he never even thought of and soon finds out the truth. They are soon thrown into a long fighting battle with the MacDonalds.

Neil and Mora are perfect together. And boy did I love Mora. She was so hot tempered, feisty, and funny.  Even after being thrown into the future she is determined to make her lost love Neil remember her. I abso loved her humor. I loved how well she adjusted and fast to her current situation.

Neil of course doesn't remember her, but once he does, he stands strong next to her with everything that he has. I love Neil, that he is a complete gentlemen with Mora. He respects her. This is one quality I love in a man. 

Beth did a fantastic job building up the romance in this book. This book was a easy read.
If you want to read as true romance. This book is it.

I give it 5 BITES!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I just finished reviewing this book and love it too!

    The author did such a great job with the characters. I laughed so much.. LOVED the hospital scene.

    Good review!

    Melissa 1000 + Books to Read


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