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Monday, August 9, 2010

Win a Valdimir Tod T-shirt!

In honor of Heather Brewer series The Chronicles of Valdimir Tod, I made for a t-shirt for each book. Each week starting August 27th, I will be giving away 5 shirts, one shirt with a vampire smile, a different color per book.

Here is the schedule:

Eighth Grade Bites- August 27th- Red smile
Ninth Grade Slays- September 3rd- Blue smile
Tenth Grade Bleeds- September 10th- Purple smile
Eleventh Grade Burns- September 17th- Orange smile
Twelfth Grade Kills- September 24th- Lime Green smile

Each week I will be putting up a different form for each t-shirt.

Contest Info:

1. You DO NOT have to be a follower in order to enter. From now on, I will leave my contests open because I want other people to join. Also, I would like followers to follow this blog because they like it, not just to become a follower for the contest. I do appreciate if you follow the blog.


3. You DO NOT have to promote it in any way. By that I mean tweet it, blog it, whatever. I would appreciate if you do, but it will not be required.

4. The t-shirts are LARGE. I did make these by hand, so I bought all of the shirts ONE SIZE. It would cost me more money to buy different sizes.

5. I made this shirts by hand. NO, you can not buy them and NO I will not make one just for you. It took me dozens of shirts and iron ons trys to get these just right. I made these purposely for a giveaway.
5. Check out my Contest Policy.

The first shirt for giveaway if the Red Vampire Smilely.

You can enter HERE.

This drawing ends for the Red Vampire Smilely August 27, 2010.

Good Luck!

And remember to read Heather Brewer's Chronicles of Valdimir Tod. The last book in her series comes out September 21, 2010, Twelfth Grade Kills.


  1. These shirts sound really cute!! Thanks for going through the trouble to make them!

  2. oh wow! those look awesome!!! You did a great job Savy! =D

  3. this is so fun!! that's so awesome that you made them :) Thank you!!!

  4. This is awesome! Thanks for hosting - I hope I win!

  5. They're SO pretty!! I LOVE red.. so this ones mine.. I can feel it! LMAO jk Thanks Savannah!

    Terrie B.


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