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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Inkblot

Title: Inkblot
Series: No
Genre: Young Adult- Thriller/Mystery
Author: Johnson Naigle
Publisher: Crossroads Publishing
Release Date: July 22, 2011
Book: E-copy sent by author

"Eighteen-year-old web entrepreneur Ronnie Wright owns the virally popular website, inkBLOT. Determined to sweep local newspaper reporter, Chelsea Pressman, off her feet, he tries to wow her with his internet success.

Chelsea has one goal, making it big as a reporter. Unfortunately the editor isn’t tossing any good stories her way. But her luck changes and she is first in line to cover a string of bizarre crimes. The notoriety she’s gaining from the front-page stories is addictive.

The police finally trace the crimes to a common link – inkBLOT.

Now, Ronnie has to clear his name as the number one suspect in Chelsea’s headline crimes."

As I started this book I was intrigued with the concept of Inkblot. I always tried to read them and I always see something different than most. Or most of the time I don't see what others see. IDK. I like the way the author entwined the Inkblot with crimes. I took quite a few psychology classes and learned loads about criminals and their characters traits.  This book is great in creating high tension and a great mystery to solve.

What I liked most about this book is the great mystery that the reader get to follow along. We have a the main character Ronnie who has dedicated his life in Inkblot. He has a great online survey to find out your personality traits,character, etc. I liked that the main character Ronnie is very mature. Her has been through a lot and knows where he is going. He has very few friends which sets up for him being naive. I liked that as well. The author did a great job in setting the plot up simple and not too confusing for the reader.

The main thing I like is the whole mystery of the murders being committed. As I read the book, I like that Ronnie fell in the rabbit hole. It gave the reader a nice chase in seeing the main character struggle. What I also liked is seeing Ronnie's best friend come to his rescue.

The love interest in this book played out the way I expected it and enjoyed it. I liked seeing Ronnie realize that his true love was right before his eyes. And I'm glad that even with all of this trouble, Ronnie finally made some good choices.

Overall this is a great book with lots of mystery, adventure and a psycho on the loose.

I give it 4 BITES!

Happy Reading!


  1. I can't say the romance aspect hooked me, but the plot sure did. Ditto that inkblot tests have always fascinated me in how people interpret them, and I like the angle of the frame-up, which is scarily easy to do on the internet.


  2. Well, inkblots are supposed to be very subjective so I'm curious about how it intertwines the psychology with the mystery. Sounds like one I'd enjoy!

  3. This does sound like an interesting read. I love mysteries (as long as they are written correctly & I can't figure it out right away). Great review =)


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